Dairy product change 2009-2014

5-Year Milk & Dairy Product Changes

US milk production in 2014 was 16.7 billion pounds, 8.8%, greater than 2009. Increased 2014 cheese production used 13.8 billion pounds of that milk. In the past 18 years year over year milk has increased 14 of 18 years. The four declines occurred in 1993, 1996, 2001 and 2009.

USDA recently published “Dairy Products 2014 Summary” which the Central Federal Milk Market Order (FMMO) administrator used to compare the change of US dairy product production over the past 5 years. The US is divided into three geographic regions, the Atlantic region includes state bordering the Atlantic Ocean plus Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the Central region from OH to AL to TX to ND and the West region consists of the states located in the Mountain and Pacific Time zones. US milk production increased 8.8% during the 5 year period with the Atlantic region up 6.7%, the Central region up 8.3% and the West region up 10.4%.

US cheese production rose 13.7% for the 2009-14 period. All three regions had increased cheese production, Atlantic +5.1%, Central + 11.3% and the West region +19%. The Central region accounted for 44.2% of 2014 while the West region produced 43.4% of 2014 US cheese production. Both the Atlantic and Central regions lost cheese market share, just under 2%, to the West region.

US butter production rose 18.1% from 2009-14. The Atlantic region production rose 28%, the Central 13.9% and the West 19.7%. US yogurt production rose 23.9% from 2009-14 with the Atlantic region seeing the largest percentage increase, 53.7%. US ice cream production declined 10.4% from 2009-14. The Central region which produces 55% of US ice cream lost 3.8% while the Atlantic region which has a 20% market share lost 19.6%. Over 2/3 of nonfat dry milk (NFDM) is produced in the Western region and increased 4.9% in total production from 2009-2014.


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