FinPack: Farm and Ranch Financial Planning Tool

Finpack is a financial planning tool for all types of farms and ranches. Finpack (financial package) can do many analysis and planning functions. Some of these functions may be useful over the next few years.

Finpack was developed by the U of MN Extension Farm Management staff in 1972. It has been continually improved and updated since. Farmers, ranchers, lenders, extension staff and state farm business management associations have been its users. Three major tools are included in Finpack to assess profitability (income generation), liquidity (paying bills on time) and solvency (long-term net worth growth and security).

Finpack can be used to assess proposed major changes in a farm or ranch operation, project the profitability due to the change, analyze current financial situation and project long run and short run cash flows. The three parts of Finpack are FinLRB (what will be the financial outcome of farm or ranch changes), FinAN (where am I financially) and FinFLO (what are the cash flows of my plan). All three tools us a common set of farm records, beginning and ending balance sheets and crop and livestock budgets.

FinLRB utilizes the current operation and compares alternative farm plans for profitability, debt repayment and potential net worth growth. FinLRB can compare up to 15 alternatives to the current operation. FinFLO projects cash flow for one or multiple years based on plans for crop and livestock production, sales, capital purchases and sales, loan payments and family living draw. FinAN analyzes the financial performance of a farm or ranch business in past years. FinAN can complete a whole farm analysis or enterprise analysis.

Two other components are used in FinLRB, FinFLO and FinAN, namely balance sheets and enterprise budgets. The balance sheet must be first developed in order to utilize the rest of the Finpack tools.

AFAIK only I have been trained and used Finpack in recent years within Nebraska Extension. If you want more information about the program or want to utilize it for your own operation, email me at


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