September Milk Production Returns

September milk productions returns for my NE-IA budget improved compared to August. On the 20,000 pound budget, total feed cost annual declined by $38 and income rose by $48 for a total improvement of $86 or about $0.10 per cow per day. The improved income came from higher butterfat production and price even though protein price declined. Soybean meal price decline contributed the most to feed cost declines while corn price added a little as well. The 24,000 pound freestall budget was even better, as usual in my budget series. Feed cost do increase in the 24,000 pound budget but by only $193 while income rose $740 or about $2.02 per cow per day net compared to the 20,000 budget.

I have continued to produce tiestall budgets even though the number of tiestall dairy barns is declining rapidly. the economics of tiestall barns is pointed out in the August budget. the 20,000 pound budget breakeven price is $1.5066 per cwt. higher than freestall barns. The 24,000 tiestall budget is not as far behind freestall milk production, only 1.2946 per cwt. But of course other factors are probably causing some of the decline in tiestall, physical challenges for the humans and better cow comfort as well.

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