More hay price questions

More questions are coming in regarding hay prices. The new question was about oat hay. Quality oat hay can be used in beef heifer development but can under certain growing conditions be high in nitrates so testing is recommended. Current reported oat hay prices are in the neighborhood of $70 per ton for round bales.


Hay prices

I have been getting calls today regarding hay prices. It is early on in the hay sales season for new crop so only a little information is available. New crop grass hay that has not been rained on, has very few heads and is in small square bales will command a premium price. Those small square bales will sell to the horse industry and are currently priced at up to $6 per bale or $200 per ton. Large round bales are now priced in the range of $120-140 per ton. Remember that any defect in the hay, mold, heads, rain etc. will mean the price should be discounted.